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23031 junior high school electrical demonstration

Detailed Product Description

The product is a magnetic absorption electrical demonstration experiment. The bottom of all parts is composed of magnetic absorption independent component module. The modules can be directly adsorbed on the blackboard at the time of experiment. It has greater visibility, strong three-dimensional sense and convenient teaching demonstration experiment. Component module on the front screen printed circuit symbols and values, closed module bottom using transparent plastic production, visible internal components, equipment components should include: a digital ammeter, the range is not less than 5A, precision 0.01A, a digital voltmeter is not less than 20V, precision 0.1V, battery box two groups, the maximum series Combined 12V, three lamp holder and light bulb (4 3.8V/6V each), single knife and double throw switch two, single knife switch three, resistance 5 Omega /5W, 15 Omega /5W, 20 Omega /5W each, 10 Omega /5W two, connection cylinder six, sliding rheostat 20 /2A one, nickel chrome wire, copper wire, wire each 2 meters, connecting wire not less than 40 root, digital current The meter and voltmeter are displayed with high brightness digital tube. The size is not less than 0.8 inches. The size of each module is not less than 85mm*35mm*35mm. The module should be placed in the hand-held plastic box for convenience.

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