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24019 Handle AC/DC generators

Detailed Product Description

The product is composed of base, lamp holder, handwheel, magnetic block, armature, pole shoe, brush, collector ring, bearing frame, transfer connection piece and terminal post. The base is made of engineering plastics with a size of 300 x 190 x 25mm. The lampholder is made of engineering plastics, the outer diameter of the lamp holder is 35mm, the height is 18mm, and the lampholder is spiral. The handwheel is pressed with phenolic plastic, and the size is 165 x 10mm; the armature axis is made of round steel of 10mm, and the QZ0.47 enamel line of the rotor coil is made up of 440 turns; the brush is made of good elastic copper, the collector ring is copper, the size is about 22 x 28mm, and the product is also equipped with two small beads.

The main technical parameters of the instrument are as follows: the connecting wires can be used as motors and generators, and the motor uses an external power supply DC 4.5V-9V.

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